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About Amr Hamdy ​

Amr Hamdy is an Egyptian voice-over artist and audio engineer with over ten years of experience. He has recorded countless commercials, explainers, e-learning, tutorials, corporates, IVR, and many more. You are in good hands: this isn’t just a fancy statement to catch your attention; it’s really true. There’s no way that hundreds of top-notch clients can be wrong.

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Diversity of dialects and accents

Amr was raised in a culturally diverse society, which allowed him to speak several dialects of Arabic with ease. As a result, Amr was able to record Arabic voiceovers in authentic GCC, MSA, and Egyptian accents.


When Amr was in school, he enjoyed reading and discovered that storytelling and expressing emotions through his voice were his passions. This passion kept growing, leading him to where he is now. Recording voice-overs naturally became his profession, no surprise.

A music lover

Another side of Amr’s passion is music. It’s part of his soul; this passion drove him in 2008 to self-learn guitar playing, a dedication he has never lost. A year later, in 2009, he successfully joined the Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt, followed by a year of studying music production. He booked himself a place in the best music studios as a music producer. As a concert/session guitarist and recording/mixing studio audio engineer, he quickly gained industry experience.

Where was? Where to go?

In 2011, Amr’s first opportunity came for the audience to hear his voice at his friend’s wedding through a video that Amr and his friends made. This wedding gift was mutually beneficial. For the friend, of course; it was a cheerful video. On the other hand, this was the perfect chance for Amr; many video producers and agencies owner was invited to this wedding, so, you know what follows that. A job contracts in in-house companies as a part-time voiceover artist and audio engineer.

Work with Amr

Getting your Arabic voice-over never been that easy.
Amr Hamdy – Voiceover
Amr Hamdy – Voiceover
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